Velvet Mini Backpack, 5 Trending

Don’t you love a velvet mini backpack? Velvet is trending and we’re seeing it in backpacks. Moreover what’s better to look chic and carry your iphone and necessities than these cute numbers we have below. From pink and black velvet to stars, scroll down to find the perfect fit for your latest outfit.
X-Small Velvet Grove Backpack ($80)Not only is this adorable, but perfect for using as a purse or carry-on for travel. For sure, this pink number would be wonderful to wear.


Mini Embroidered Velvet Convertible Backpack ($23) Even more than the fact we love the stars, it’s blue velvet and cute. Moreover, the price was just reduced.

Waston Lane Hartley Velvet Backpack ($166) Moreover, it’s classy, black, and velvet.

velvet mini backpack Star Mini Backpack ($45) Not only do we love the gold and silver stars, but also the black velvet is beautiful too.

velvet mini backpack Velvet Mini Backpack ($49) More than a backpack this sweet pink velvet backpack fits perfectly. Additionally, you will look on-trend too.

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Do you have a cute velvet mini backpack you love? Where did you get it.