Guest Bedroom Ideas: Decor That Welcomes

It’s that time of year! And we have great guest bedroom ideas. They’ll be holiday cheer (and travel!), so you’ll find guests arriving for a short stay. First of all, it’s so much fun. However, you made your guest bedroom welcoming? From fuzzy throws and soft pillows to warm bathrobes and extra seating, we’ve found 6 ways (that won’t break the bank) to update your guest bedrooms for the holidays. Moreover you’ll find that your siblings and in-laws will appreciate your extra touches to make them comfortable.

Quatrefoil Decorative Wall Mirror ($39.99).  Hang this pretty gold mirror with a on-trend clover-leaf shape. Not only will your sister thank you when she’s getting ready but also, she’ll like how it make the room look sheek. Not to mention as guest bedroom ideas go, this one sparkles.

Faux Fur Throw ($79.99). Guest want to be warm and cozy. If you throw this snugly blanket over the bed are chair, and you’ll have a happy visitor.

Gypsy Faux Fur Ottoman ($59). It’s furry, soft, and add another place for guests to sit down.

Taupe Heather Sweater Pouf ($99). If you want to add dimension and softness to the bedroom, then this pouf is an easy answer.

Luxe Plush Bathrobe ($24.95). If you buy two bathrobes your guests will thank you. Who doesn’t want a warm robe to throw on after a bath or shower?

Dan 300 Celebrate Bath Sherbet Cone ($14.95). In the event that your friend takes a bath, these bath bombs in pretty wrapping make the bathroom pop!

Bath and Body Works Stress Free Candle ($24.95). When you want to help a guest relax, then this candle is perfect.

Umbra Amenity Tray ($14.97). A nice touch in the bathroom. Surely, every guest loves to lay out there lotions.

Do you have a guest bedroom go-to idea? Let me know in the comments below.